Iconic Ads: Indian Railways – Railgaadi, Chuk, Chuk, Chuk

The film was to showcase Indian Railways as an organization – for the people, by the people – that connects people, places and hearts.

Indian Railways was one of the co-sponsors for the Commonwealth Games and as a part of the gives, they received a lot of FCT ( free commercial time) on television.

For the commercials, Indian Railways reached out to Ogilvy. Piyush Pandey gladly accepted it as he loved travelling by train, and thought it was the Indian Railways that made his career as he could soak in the experiences of visiting places and meeting people.

The objective of the campaign was to showcase Indian Railways as a responsive organization with a human face. Also, to make a statement that it is an organization – for the people, by the people – that connects people, places and hearts.

Ogilvy set out to create a commercial that was simple, endearing and which would touch the audiences emotionally.

Indians have a lot of memories associated with trains. When we were kids we played a game called trains (Chuk Chuk Gaadi). We had also had many memories of trips to various places, stations, meeting various people and multiple experiences.

The Indian Railways connected India through its length and breadth and was its lifeline and still is.

The creatives were by Sukesh Nayak and Heeral Akhaury. The creative director was Piyush and was shot by Prakash Varma in Kolkata.

The track used is the old Hindi film song, ‘Railgaadi’ that featured Ashok Kumar. The lyrics were from a poem by the famous Harindranath Chattopadhyay. The English voice-over is by Piyush.

Chuk Chuk

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