• Brandalism – anti-advertising
    The anti-advertising movement known as “brandalism” employs artistic activism and subvertising¬†to challenge corporate advertising by replacing it with parodies or spoofs.
  • Iconic Ads: Skoda – Cake
    Creating and building an edible Skoda Fabia car made completely from confectionary was a unique way of showing the car’s new features
  • Iconic Ads: Reebok – Field of Dreams
    The film plays on the fact that even celebrities like to imagine they are in the boots of their favourite footballers
  • When to Pivot a Brand
    Changes cause pivots. Growth might indicate whether a brand should shift. If you can’t expand or scale, pivot.
  • “Made In” is more important than ever.
    Consumers’ opinions of a product are influenced by the country of origin. This is to lessen the risks connected with making a purchase.