Iconic Ads: Pepsi – Yeh Dil Maange More

The campaign had to help drive the youth wanting Pepsi by making a larger life statement that worked for the youth.

Pepsi always understood the prevailing attitude of the youth and communicated with them in a language that was relevant at that time. Over time, as the youth evolved, so did the creatives/ language used by Pepsi. It has consistently committed to being what the youth stood for

Indians are fascinated with cricket and films (Bollywood, Kollywood, etc). And these two have given India many stars and youth icons. The youth have looked to them for fashion, lifestyle, trends, inspirations, etc. Using these stars as brand endorsers has helped Pepsi connect with the younger generation.

The youth over generations have had a cheeky & bold side to themselves and Pepsi has stood for this irreverence of sorts.

Pepsi is an impulse purchase, and the campaign had to help drive the youth to want Pepsi by making a more significant life statement that worked for them.

The Pepsi international team were on a visit to India. They wanted an adaptation of their international campaign, ‘Ask for More’, sung by Janet Jackson. The task was to come up with something that would be catchy.

After the ambush of the 96 World Cup, this was a continuation. The brief landed on the desk of Pepsi ‘expert’ Anuja Chauhan, and she delivered a great campaign over time.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, the blockbuster, was released during this period. In the 1990s, the phrase multi starrer was used solely in the context of movies, not commercials. Shahrukh, who was already a brand ambassador for Pepsi, was chosen, along with Rani Mukherjee and Kajol.

There was a snag. Kajol was reluctant to undertake commercial work at the time since she didn’t want to be typecast. Kajol’s mother Tanuja was acquainted with Pepsi’s former chairman, Suman Sinha. To get Kajol to be in the commercial, he contacted Tanuja who in turn convinced Kajol.

When it comes to young people, going to the movies and they never want it to finish. The idea really brought to life the idea of wanting more from a movie than you get.

That wasn’t all that was meant by “wanting more,” however. Even though it wasn’t planned that way, the last scene fit in with the tagline.

All that’s left at the conclusion of the commercial is a single Pepsi can on the floor. Quite simply, no other options exist. It’s become a question of imagination. The boy is left wondering if it really happened. The onus of decipherment is on the audience.

Yeh Dil Maange More had its sceptics which included the filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar who thought the line should be ‘Dil Se Maango Milega More’, however, Anuja prevailed. The music was scored by Leslie Lewis and sung by KK.

The line became ingrained in all Indians’ minds when the Late Capt Vikram Batra voiced the line when he said that his team wanted to catch more insurgents during the Kargil incursion.



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