Iconic Ads: Perk – Thodi Si Pet Pooja

Cadbury Perk targeted casual snacking dominated by chips and wafers. Positioned as a light snack for subduing the first pangs of hunger.

With its chocolate and wafer construct, Cadbury Perk targeted the casual snacking space that was dominated primarily by chips and wafers. It was positioned as a light snack for subduing the first pangs of hunger. It is targeted at the youth.

In 1996, a 21-year-old girl from Shimla was at a friend’s birthday party where she bumped into an advertising person. Impressed by her personality, it inspired him to write an advertisement for Cadbury Perk. The creative person was Sonal Dabral, then at Ogilvy, and the girl was Preity Zinta.

He requested her to come for an audition in Mumbai mentioning that when he wrote the advertisement, he had thought about her.

Preity did not want to go as girls from ‘good’ families did not do these things. Sonal assured her that it was a simple & decent ad.

She successfully cleared the audition from more than 500 girls and starred in the film.

The dimpled smile, impishness, high energy levels and Preity’s ability to emote the right way added a lot to the film.

The rest is history

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