Great Campaigns: Lux, Cancer & The Soap With A Lump

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The Lux – “Soap with a Lump” initiative showcases the transformative impact of creative thinking and a purpose-driven approach

According to the Cancer India Statistics report, breast cancer poses a significant health challenge in India, with a new diagnosis every four minutes among women. It is the most prevalent type of cancer affecting Indian women, accounting for over a quarter of all female cancer cases. Despite its widespread occurrence, a staggering 75% of Indian women do not perform self-examinations for breast cancer symptoms.

Early detection is crucial in enhancing survival rates, but societal norms and taboos around women’s bodies and breasts often deter them from conducting regular self-checks. In response to this issue, initiatives are being implemented to empower women to feel comfortable and confident in self-examinations.

The Initiative

Lux, a well-respected soap brand, took a groundbreaking approach to address the issue of breast cancer by creating a soap that doubles as an early detection mechanism for breast cancer, specifically for detecting lumps. The new product, called ‘The Soap with a Lump,’ was created to encourage women to perform breast self-examinations during their daily showers, taking advantage of the privacy and introspection of this daily ritual.

The soap was intentionally designed with a prominent, long-lasting lump, serving as a reminder of the importance of tactile awareness in identifying any unusual changes and with the guidance of experts in the field, including cancer specialists, designers, and soap manufacturers, Unilever, the parent company of Lux, and its advertising agency, Wunderman Thompson, meticulously developed this innovative and potentially life-saving product.


To promote awareness and accessibility, Lux partnered with the Indian Cancer Society to introduce ‘The Soap with a Lump’ at screening camps in Maharashtra. Alongside the soap distribution, informational flyers and posters emphasized the significance of self-examination and early detection, complemented by providing a helpline number for further assistance.


Despite not being intended for retail, ‘The Soap with a Lump’ gained significant attention, reaching a global audience of 9.4 million through social media and accumulating 86,687 impressions. The initiative successfully increased engagement with the Indian Cancer Society, as shown by a 27% rise in breast health-related inquiries from women in just one month after its launch.

This innovative campaign raised awareness and garnered international recognition, leading to inquiries from global marketers about potential collaborations with Lux. It showcases the transformative impact of creative thinking and a purpose-driven approach, exemplified by a simple yet powerful tool – a humble bar of soap.

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