Iconic Ads: Action Shoes – Action Ka School Time

Action shoes targetted children to drive sales for school shoes through pester power.

In the 90s there was no Nike, Adidas, or any of the famous hip MNC brands. Bata – North Star and Power were big.

There were homegrown brands and Action was the most famous. They had a range of shoes one of them was school shoes. Action shoes were an integral part of our school lives.

In the 90s, it was fashionable to wear them at school. Credit largely should go to this commercial “O ho, ho school-time, Action ka school-time”. Apart from this Action also had a big range of sneakers, the image of which also rubbed off.

The advertising targeted children (even though parents were the ones who bought shoes). Action Shoes intended to drive sales through pester power.

It centred around a day in the life of a kid at school. For kids -the ad represented who they were. Kids could relate to the ad – Masti, mischief, studies etc. The catchy jingle helped too.

It was also around the time when cable TV became more and more popular. Even Hindi cinema was changing.

It helped greatly that the shoes were stylish and made kids feel ‘hip’.

This film was scripted by the famous Indipop writer Raajesh Johari and starred a boy famous in many commercials – Tejan Diwanji

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