Iconic Ads: Tobu – Aao Chale Hum, Lekar Apni

The task was to build awareness among parents and children. The advertising had to show safety without talking about it.

In the 1970s & 1980s, tricycles for children were manufactured by small enterprises. Given the small size of the business, these enterprises sold them without tax. They flooded the market with their wares and most of them had questionable quality.

Customers purchased tricycles based on the recommendations of the shop owner, plus the looks and size suitability. There was no brand in the market.

In the 1980s, Tobu decided to step in. They had been in the market since the 1960s, and it was time to build a brand.

Tobu was priced approx 20% higher than the unbranded cycles primarily because of the incidence of tax and also better quality. Tobu had started using plastic which was far safer than the existing materials being used. Additionally, Tobu had a wider range and introduced new features like plastic blow horns and electronic lights.

In stepped in Everest to do the advertising. The brief was simple – build awareness. The commercial should appeal to the parents and kids. Advertising had to show safety without being direct about it.
Hence, the line Aao Chale Hum, Lekar Apni Tobu……

Sulekha Bajpai, still the cub writer at Everest, wrote the script and the famous lines. Simple lines were crafted so that kids could easily remember it and sing it again and again.

Deepak Sharma assisted her. The music was given by Suresh Shah.

Interestingly a kid, Emraan Hashmi acted in this film. And a couple of other kids, Shaan and Sagarika, sang the jingle! This was filmed by Johnny Pinto.

Aao Chale Hum!


Listen to a discussion with Sulekha Bajpai on Mentza – https://www.mentza.com/circles/14929

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