Iconic Ads: Pepsi – Mera Number Kab Aayega

There was an un-hero, who was a loser in the commercial, a brave thing for any brand to do. And this film did not have any stars!

In early 2000, internationally Pepsi had launched a promo campaign, Pepsi Numeromania. As complicated as the name, was the promo. Pepsi wanted a campaign that was simpler and Indianized. The Indian version should have the word ‘number’ in the campaign.

Initially, a confused HTA did not know what to do. They did a whole bunch of ads that were approved by Pepsi and were going into production when Vibha Rishi (Pepsi) asked Anuja Chauhan to have another crack at it.

Hrithik Roshan was endorsing Coke and Pepsi needed something good. A day before the presentation, Anuja and her team cracked it with “Mera Number Kab Aayega?” over the weekend.

The commercial was wistful, plaintive, tad unrestrainable and Indian. The line was negative. The Indian promo was simple – winning prizes if the number under the crown gets picked in a lottery. The un- hero was Cyrus Broacha, who was a loser in the commercial, a brave thing for any brand to do. And unlike the usual Pepsi advertising, this film did not have any stars.

A filler promo became a hit and went on for three years. This contrarian film resonated with the masses.

Prahlad Kakkar shot the film(s).

This line, which borders on hope, is still used by the common man for many things like a new job, getting a girlfriend etc.

Mera Number Aayega!

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