Pizza Hut x IKEA SÄVA – Life-Size Version of Plastic “Tables” Found Inside Pizza Boxes


PizzaHut and IKEA collaborated on a pizza with IKEA’s famed meatballs and a life-size replica of the miniature table that comes in pizza boxes called säva.

If you’ve ever taken pizza to go, you may have seen a little table made of plastic called a “pizza saver” tucked away within the delivery box at the centre. IKEA, in conjunction with the restaurant chain Pizza Hut, has transformed the little piece of plastic that prevents a pizza from coming into contact with its box into a table that is proportioned appropriately for a person.

The three-legged table, which has been given the tongue-in-cheek name Sava (a play on the phrase pizza saver), was available as a limited edition at the IKEA location in Hong Kong.

The shape of a pizza saver can be seen reflected in the three white legs that extend from the top of the circular table. In the centre of the table, which is otherwise white, there is a stamp of the Pizza Hut logo.

As with the vast majority of IKEA’s furniture, it is delivered in a flat-pack format to complete the aesthetic. Each table is sent in a humorous container that is shaped like a large pizza box, and, similar to the packaging of other items, it includes instructions for putting the table together. IKEA walks customers through the process of unpacking the various components, constructing the legs, phoning Pizza Hut, getting the pizza, and arranging it on the table that is the ideal size.

Ogilvy, as part of a campaign to promote the two brands in Hong Kong, designed the table in the form of a competition prize as part of their effort.

As part of their contribution to the cooperation, Pizza Hut developed a one-of-a-kind pizza with a taste profile reminiscent of Swedish meatballs.

Both firms teased the partnership on social media, posting images of a Pizza Hut delivery worker sleeping inside an IKEA shop and of a boardroom full of people enjoying a “eureka!” moment together.

On the label that is attached to the pizza table, it claims that it is “ideal for when you want to order Pizza Hut and watch films” and that it is “perfect for small groups of teenagers and adults to sit around and enjoy the delicious Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza.”

In addition to that, it emphasizes that the table is “simple to assemble and clean after you smear delicious tomato sauce on it.”

This advertising campaign reveals the lighthearted side of Pizza Hut as well as the fact that the brand may extend beyond the realm of the kitchen into exciting new partnerships with other companies.

The ad reached approximately 18 million people all around the world, and sales were 86% more than expected.

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