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Nike free box

There are hundreds of improvements to running shoes that are provided to the market each year. Every once in a while, one of these upgrades offers a unique selling proposition. Throughout its history, Nike has held several events like this. Then there came the Nike Free 5.0, which is the sneaker with the greatest flexibility in the annals of footwear history.

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To convey the distinctive, one-of-a-kind quality, Publicis Impetu, in Uruguay, came up with the idea to create a one-of-a-kind box, which they named the Nike Free Box, just for the release of the new Nike Free 5.0. Also, to ensure that the launch received the attention that Nike merited, the company came up with the packaging-as-ad idea. 

The Nike Free Box is a limited edition promotional launch box, and it appears just like a standard Nike box. The primary distinction is that this Nike Free Box is just one-third the size of the original. It was conceived to astound customers into purchasing the Nike Free 5.0 and to illustrate the extraordinary adaptability of the Nike model. Because of the shoes’ incredible adaptability, they can be physically rolled up and packed into a more compact package.

By coming up with this concept, Nike was able to reduce the amount of cardboard they used, maximize the available storage space, and showcase the remarkable adaptability of the new model before the shoebox was ever opened.

Esteban Barreiro, Mario Taglioretti, Diego Besenzoni, and Federico Cibils were all part of the group that was responsible for developing this.

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