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Based on the average lifespan of humans, strong emotional connections were formed during Reebok’s 25,915-Days advertising

The average lifespan is just 25,915 days, thus in honour of their bodies, Reebok is challenging its fans and followers with a campaign called “25,915 Days.”

The company’s 2015 advertising initiative, titled “Be More Human,” inspired the call to action.

The advertising was compelling and narrative-based, showcasing the efficacy of making genuine emotional connections with consumers. It stressed the value of appreciating each day for what it is “Honor the body you’ve been given”.

The campaign for Reebok was centred on a single, powerful idea: be more human. They hoped to touch the hearts of their listeners and leave an impression they might carry with them forever.

Reebok is a brand that encourages people to improve themselves and the world via their work, since it recognises that the human body and the work one performs with it are sacred gifts.

The typical human has 25,915 days at their disposal to gain knowledge, experience new things, and bond with those they care about. Through this advertisement, Reebok intended to convey to its target demographic that sports are relevant.

With such a little amount of time remaining, it begs the question, what have people been doing with their lives thus far?

The end outcome might shock people.

The average human spends 180 of his 25,915 days on Earth working out.

It was clear from Reebook that there is a wide gap between aspiration and action.

People spend an average of 180 days working out, but they spend 59 times that amount of time interacting with technology. However, just because they spend 10,625 days a year glued to a screen doesn’t imply they’re squandering time.

In their 25,915 days on Earth, the typical human will travel the distance of two circumnavigations of the Earth (1.9 times) and climb the vertical equivalent of Mount Everest roughly 45 times.

In its ad, Reebok urged its audience to respect their bodies by making the most of each day.

To complete yet another circuit of the Earth before your 25,915 days are up, you need to run one additional lap or climb a few more flights of stairs.

Interestingly research found significant disparities across nations when it comes to how they use their 25,915 days on Earth, which is interesting for individuals who want to add a competitive aspect while honouring their days remaining on Earth.

The typical American tries something new seven times a month, whereas the average Mexican is proud of his or her body, and the average Russian sleeps seven hours and five minutes a night. Reebok wants you to work hard at fitness and exercise to celebrate their 25,915 days.

The film follows an unidentified lady from her twilight years, when she competes in triathlons, to her middle years, when she participates in obstacle courses and CrossFit, and back to her younger years when she engages in naughty running and speed competitions. After the film, a little girl triumphs over a boy of a similar age in a race, suggesting that she may have discovered an aptitude for this so-called “running.”

The video’s smart construction, including a strong female heroine, demonstrates the brand’s commitment to its athletes throughout their whole careers. This is a motivational film meant to convince players that they should not waste their short time on Earth by slacking off on their athletic pursuits.

With a powerful female protagonist and an engaging tale conveyed in a condensed amount of time, Reebok has successfully capitalised on this heroine’s attributes. This was effective marketing that worked across several platforms.

Aisha Hakim, Jimmy Burton, Tom Scharpf, Will McGinness, and Paul Venables conceived the idea together with the rest of the creative team and Venables Bell & Partners. Epoch Films produced it, and Michael Lawrence was the director.


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