Iconic Ads: Fastrack Bags – Move On (Virat and Genelia)

So a naughty Virat and a naughtier Genelia – something which was unexpected of her, more than did the trick of Move On

Around 2010, after having established itself as a popular brand among the youth with its range of watches and eyewear, Fastrack has ventured further into the accessories space, launching its range of bags, wallets, belts and wristbands.

The idea was to build on the core brand thought of ‘Move On’ and using the brand ambassadors – Virat Kohli and Genelia D’Souza. Lowe was briefed to break the clutter of advertising to youth as well as the Fastrack clutter and keep it cheeky and flirtatious – as is the signature of the brand.

The going was not easy. Multiple scripts from Bangalore, which were all rejected by the Fastrack team. Then scripts were called in from other offices of Lowe Lintas. Most of which was again rejected. It was getting exasperating

However, in small mercies, two scripts were selected by the exacting client. But there needed to be the third film.

Rajesh Ramaswamy who was heading creative at Lowe Bangalore had gone on a holiday and when he came back he actually waded into this brewing crisis.

He wrote a script for a film that the Fastrack team liked.

So to the exasperated Lintas, there was some relief. But much to their consternation there was no unifying thought to all the films.

In typical jugaad style, the teams were trying to figure a core thought bringing all the 3 films together. When suddenly Rajesh figured that it was possible to sequence the films. There was a story that came together when films were run one after the another in a particular sequence. 

First – AT, Secondly – Hickey and Thirdly – Airport

And Voila! – things made sense then.

The films have been directed by Vivek Kakkad of Curious Films. The other members of the creative team from Lintas were Arun Iyer, Rimona Ganapathy, Lohith Chengappa, Sharon Nayak, Mishti Srivastava and Adarsh Atal.

Initially, Virat was  a little sceptical doing these films (especially since he was on his way to being the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team) but the team actually convinced him that it would do his image no harm.  There was no vulgarity, all tongue in cheek and very naughty.

So a naughty Virat and a naughtier Genelia (something which was unexpected of her) more than did the trick

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