Iconic Ads: The Times of India – Pakya Select Ho Gaya

Show that The Times of India is one’s partner for life. And show the heritage – generations have read The Times of India.

For many years The Times of India had used subtle humour to connect with the Indian audience. For the first time in the 2000s, there was a break.

The primary objective was to show that ‘The Times of India’ is one’s partner for life.” And secondly, reinforce the heritage where generations have read The Times of India.

Agnello Dias at Chaitra Leo Burnett used an emotional route to share the connection between The Times of India and its readers. It brought a bridge between the old traditional India and the new modern India. It leveraged the 175 years plus history it had – no other had it!

Dias was having a tight deadline for a creative idea when he woke up in the morning and took a look at The Times of India. He noticed that in the classified section both birthdays and obituaries shared space. While someone was happy, someone else was sad, looking on the same page. Other mediums could not do this – not even television! Similarly, everything co-exists in India. That became the spark for the commercial.

Usually, stories have a sad start and a happy ending, Dias decided to do the opposite. The music was by Ram Sampat. The film was directed by Abhinay Deo.

There is a sense of authenticity by bringing in hockey as over 50 years ago, hockey was more popular than cricket.

Pakya select Ho Gaya!

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