Iconic Ads: Fortune Oil – Ghar Ka Khana

Piyush was again inspired by his mother cooking. His love for the food cooked by his mother resulted in the film.

Pranav Adani at Adani Wilmar was looking for something different for the Fortune range of cooking oils to rejuvenate it.

In 2014, his brief to Piyush Pandey at Ogilvy was simple but difficult – “Sabko Rula De Yaar. Aisa Kuchh Banaa Ki Vah ad Na Lage”. He also added “Bahut Samosa Tal Liye, Ab Aisa Kuchh Karo Jo Pahunche Kahin”.

This was to be shown online.

Piyush weaves slices of life into the films which move people. He was again inspired by his mother. Piyush’s mother makes the tastiest Marwadi food which had dollops of love. His love for the food cooked by his mother resulted in the film. So is the case for most people because Ghar Ka Khana, Ghar Ka Khana Hota Hai!

Unlike the typical cooking films which usually have delicacies and kids appreciating mother’s food, this one pulled at the heartstrings.

Piyush had informed the client that this film would have a long duration to build it up and feel the tension between the main characters. Also, the persuasion by the grandmother had to be shown too. The Adani team had agreed to this on the assurance that this film would be memorable.

Piyush and his colleague Sukesh Nayak brought in Vivek Kakkad, and together, they worked on a detailed script and dialogue. The film was shot in an unused army hospital in Budapest as getting an empty hospital in India was impossible plus all permissions! Even before the shoot was complete, the Hungarian crew started crying even without knowing the language. Ogilvy knew!

Editing was a big challenge and after multiple marathon sessions, the duration was 4 mins 38 secs long!

The lyrics were written by Nitin Pradhan. The score by Abhishek Arora (the music director for Vicky Donor). Swaroop Khan, a contestant on Indian Idol 5 and a folk-singer from Rajasthan had sung the song. Vivek had earlier briefed 4 music directors and Abhishek’s score matched the brief.

The cast included Kamlesh Gill of Vicky Donor fame as Daadi; Chandan Roy Sanyal, who has also worked in Rang De Basanti, Kaminey and D-Day, as the grandson. Theatre artist Suruchi Aulakh played the nurse.

Piyush had told Vivek that if Adani liked the commercial as much as Ogilvy did, then he would push for television. Pranav loved it and he agreed to television.

Piyush got involved. He got the full film shown on CNBC Storyboard. He spoke to the Head honchos of Star so that they could run this, by juggling the other committed inventory (from other brands), which they did.

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