Iconic Ads: Bajaj Caliber – The Unshakeable

There was a time in the 90s when Chax Chakravarty and Pops Sridhar led Chaitra Leo Burnett into a series of great campaigns.

Kawasaki Bajaj developed a 4 stroke bike which was an improvement on the 4S. It was lightweight and had great fuel efficiency. It was also to counter the might of Hero Honda Splendor in particular.

Leo Burnett decided to avoid advertising that was product features and functional benefits-oriented.

The great insight was Loser’s Pride. The brand took an emotional route. The advertising was about a great attitude and the unshakable character in the face of adversity, taking things in his stride and moving on.

The person behind this idea was Agnello Dias. This print campaign was one of those campaigns which were sold by Bajaj at one of the auto fairs.

The music for the film was by Shankar Mahadevan.

The campaign was one of the primary drivers for Caliber selling 1 lakh units in the first year.

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