Iconic Ads: Four Square – Live Life Kingsize

Lintas changed the fortunes of the brand by adopting a lifestyle positioning from a functional one. The focus was on King Size life.

Godfrey Philips (a Philip Morris partner) launched Four Square cigarettes in 1961 in India.
The brand was pottering along when GPI decided to revitalize the brand. In 1977, Lintas was given the mandate to handle it.

There was no clear positioning for Four Square. Initially Four Square was available only in the standard size. The brand decided to bring out a long stick, which was the only thing going for it – it was ‘king’ size.

It decided that the brand would target those who wanted a better (superior) lifestyle. So the line “Live Life King Size” was coined to attract smokers who wanted to project a superior lifestyle. A representative of the lifestyle aspirations of a lot of men in the 70s and 80s.

Shirley D Souza started as a secretary in Lintas, but through talent and hard work became an ace copywriter. She, along with Alyque Padamsee created the line.

The line started as a contest line actually and soon became the positioning statement for the brand. It combined a brand feature with a lifestyle. The campaign featured celebrities actors Mazhar Khan, Dilip Dhawan (Nukkad) and supermodel Anna Bredemeyer.

Cigarettes in India are dominated by ITC’s brands. Four Square has been able to hold its own because of its strong brand positioning at the youthful minded 25 to 60-year-old smoker.

The positioning has endured through associations with adventure sports like skiing, surfing etc.

Four Square also went into television advertising (when it was permitted). Louis Banks began his independent foray with the Four Square commercial.

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