Iconic Ads – Thanda Matlab Coca Cola

When we ask guests whether they want a Thanda, that means we are offering them a cold drink. The effort was to connect Coke with Thanda

In 2003, the brief went to McCann to extend the target audience of Coke from youth to masses, a step to make it a drink for everyone – big city, small town, semi-urban, adults, youth etc.

In north India, Thanda is synonymous with a cold drink. So when we ask guests/ friends/ customers whether they want a Thanda, that means we are offering them a cold drink.

Prasoon Joshi was at Hapur railway station, sitting inside an air-conditioned compartment waiting for the train to start. It was boiling outside. Just as the train was leaving, he saw a coolie fast asleep covered by the shadow of gunny bags.

Both the instances inspired him to create the campaign “Thanda Matlab Coca Cola”. Joshi smartly connected Thanda to Coca Cola. This established perception and identification of anything cold that means Coca Cola. Akshay Kapdanak collaborated in the advertising.

So when you want a Thanda, you would gravitate to Coca Cola.

Aamir Khan was cast as various characters like a Punjabi farmer, Hyderabadi hawker, Nepali guide etc. The campaign was directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar.

The intention was to showcase a confident small-town person in each commercial someone who isn’t intimidated by city people.

This award-winning campaign was extremely successful for Coca Cola.

What’s more, Joshi and Khan became acquainted with each other and Joshi got a chance to write the dialogues for Rang De Basanti.

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