Narcissism & You! You define your brands!

Brands are extensions of your personality. You interact with the brand intensively when you feel it is a reflection of you.

I prefer Bacardi to Old Monk; I like Absolut to Grey Goose; I like Puma to Reebok; The list goes on

Putting the products aside, there are reasons why I prefer the brands mentioned above. I identify with them. I resonate with the ethos of the brand. I appreciate the story that the brands tell me and get me closer and closer to it.

Why do I do it?

Because the brands are about me! 

Brands are extensions of what I am or what I want to be or what I want to be associated with. When I interact with the brand either by purchasing their products or digesting the communication sent to me, I feel the brand is a part of me. Sometimes I even get a kind of voyeuristic pleasure in being associated with the brand even though I cannot.

The reason is that I am narcissistic, I have an ego, I am self-centred. I think about myself and hence I make my brand decisions. I am in love with myself ( and so are all the others who love themselves). 

This is not something I like to admit or so will others but think about it. The decision is yours. Even if you buy a brand because someone asked you, that is because you want to be associated ( you can always say no!)

We express ourselves by the brands we are associated with. The brands are extensions of us, extensions of our personality and we are extensions of the brands. 

So brand builders need to create memorable experiences for the customer to build a relationship with them. Make themselves relevant to the customer. Each experience, however, varied it maybe – commercials, events, public relations, etc., should touch the customer emotionally/ connect with them.

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