Opposites Attract – How Brands Can Benefit from Unanticipated Partnerships

gucci x box

Incorporating a dash of originality and innovation into a familiar formula is only one of the many benefits of a partnership between two well-known brands.

Many people were surprised by Lego’s decision to team up with Levi’s, but the two companies have apparently successfully worked together. To quote the Lego website, “Whether you build from instructions, or dream up something from your imagination, LEGO® building is the ultimate platform for creative experimentation and development.” And of course, no one loves creativity and playfulness—as well as infinite customizability—more than Levi’s®. This is exactly why the two iconic brands have teamed up for a “special Levi’s® and LEGO Group collection.”

We have two companies from apparently distinct backgrounds and with seemingly different characteristics coming together to discover a common ground where they can create synergy and a fresh perspective too.

In addition, many people are surprised to learn that IKEA had partnered with Adidas.

Both of these instances involve collaborations between brands that don’t seem to have anything in common. However, the fact that they are different is what makes them exciting, Bringing together companies that aren’t natural allies may result in some tension or contradiction. Still, occasional conflict isn’t always bad; it may serve as a stimulus to bring some attention and intrigue. In today’s “attention economy,” it’s more important than ever to find strategies to get people excited about a product or service. Perhaps some brand-on-brand competition is the spark you need to get things going.

Similarity to Human Relationships

Let’s examine the realm of relationships, or interpersonal connections. When two people who couldn’t be more different from each other get close, this is called “opposites attract.” Brand partnerships come in a variety of forms, similar to interpersonal connections. There are two types of synergies: those between brands that are obviously compatible with one another, and those between brands that may seem to have characteristics that aren’t obviously compatible with one another and can be perceived as contradicting, and so produce tension.

But maybe we can create brand relationships that can generate a new type of energy in the odd pairings, those combinations which appear to have the potential for conflict.

Brand Contradictions

This brings us back to the subject of contradictions in brands. Contradictions give depth and intrigue to otherwise uni-dimensional branding, which a select group of customers may appreciate. The goal of branding is to stay in the minds of customers forever, and presenting them with a contradictory picture prompts them to think more deeply as they attempt to make sense of the contradictions within a brand. ( for more details, do refer to https://onlykutts.com/index.php/2022/11/04/the-yin-yang-within-brands-contradictions/     )

Some other unlikely brand partnerships

  • Bira and Boat
bira X boat
  • FILA x Chupa Chups
fila x chupa chup
  1. 2. Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora
Sephora and museum of ice cream
  • Gucci x Disney
gucci X Disney

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