Iconic Ads: SBI Life – Heere Ko Kya Pata

Objective was to tell 30+ years males to invest early for oneself. The creative thought was never let money come the way of expressing your love.

In the 2000s, SBI Life Insurance researched 25 – 45-year-olds. Interestingly, the group between 25 and 35 years did not consider pension as an investment option since they thought they were too young for it. There was a rational reason – they were saving for the future as a family, not particularly themselves.

To communicate to the 30+ years males that investing early for oneself was the objective of advertising which Ogilvy was handling.

The creative thought was never let money come the way of expressing your love (and SBI Life will be the best manager of your money so that you don’t have a care in the world in your old age).

The campaign was led by Piyush Pandey and Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar.

The creative was inspired by an incident in Piyush’s life. His sister told him that his mother wanted a diamond jewel, but she did not ask anyone for it. He and his brother, Prasoon, got her one. Through her tears, she asked, “Is Umar Mein Heere Se Kya Karungi ?” He just extended the incident.

The film was directed by Prasoon Pandey. The casting was brilliant, and auditioning was done for a real-life couple with an acting background across 7 cities, and they finally nailed it with Atmaram Bhende (Munnabhai fame) and his wife Asha. They brought emotions only a real-life couple could. Piyush’s voiceover at the end rounds it off very well.

The campaign is redefining. It broke stereotypes that youth are indulgent and the old are trying to be young. The film beautifully capturs romance at an old age. It also showed old people for a young target audience breaking the cliche that young people need to be shown.

Arre Heere ko kya pata tumhari umar kya hai!

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