Iconic Ads: Fevi Kwik – Chutki Mein Chipkaye

The brief was very simple, Fevi Kwik sticks surfaces together almost immediately. Both in and outside the water.

Another brand from the Pidilite umbrella, Fevi Kwik, needed help from Ogilvy. The brief was very simple, Fevi Kwik sticks surfaces together almost immediately. This was to appeal to practically anyone – both urban and semi urban

Piyush Pandey worked on the idea and from him, it went to Prasoon Pandey who was directing the film

The original story was that a man comes to a lake, puts drops of Fevi Kwik on a stick, dips it  into the water, fishes stick to it, and so he catches them

Prasoon felt it was bland and wanted to add some more drama. So he started by adding another man dressed like an Englishman, fishing with all the expensive equipment. He had been there a long time but was not able to catch any fish. 

Suddenly a South Indian villager clad in a lungi enters, singing & enjoying himself. He puts a few drops of Fevi Kwik on a stock, with each drop counts in Tamil/ Kannada. He gets shushed by the well-dressed man as the villager was creating a noise, as it would distract the fishes.   Bingo, in no time the villager, gets fishes much to the consternation of the ‘propah’ man.

Before this, at the time of presentation of the original idea, Piyush wanted to make sure that the glue worked in water plus he was also sure there would be some ‘clever’ guy who would say that the glue would not work in water. So he had dropped a coin in a glass of water, applied Fevi Kwik at the end of a toothpick, and picked up the coin with the toothpick from inside the glass. 

One of Prasoon Pandey’s strengths is the casting he does. He cast Kamal Chopra and Rajesh Khera to get a brilliant film

All in a Chutki!

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