Iconic Ads: Prestige – Jo Biwi Se Karen Pyaar

This film created an emotional connection between Prestige pressure cookers and the customers establishing it through the Biwi and husband

In 1982, Prestige introduced a new revolutionary product, a pressure cooker with GRS (Gasket Release System). It had a rubberized gasket instead of a melt gasket, which decreased the risk by allowing the pressure to be released safely. Previously, there have been reports of pressure cookers exploding.
MAA was the advertising partner. Prestige was the safest pressure cooker, according to the brief of “100% safe.” They had done an advertisement that was emotionless and dull.

So MAA called in a language copywriter and asked her to work out something in terms of relationships. She came up with lines like “Pati Patni Aur Prestige” and other cliches. Sadiqa Peerbhoy rejected those lines and in a creative burst wrote the line – “Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar Woh Prestige Se Kaisy Kare Inkaar” little realizing that it would become advertising folklore.

This was an attempt to create an emotional connection between the product and the customers. As a result, the plot revolved around a husband who adored his wife and wished for her safety. And, because he adored her so much, he couldn’t imagine using anything else as a pressure cooker.

Prahlad Kakkar filmed the commercial with Raja Bundela and Vinod Sharma.

Raja Bundela was a struggling actor with Prithvi Theatre at the time. He received money and quick acclaim. From Rs.100 a day, doing theatre, but he got Rs.20,000 for the film. So he wrote to everyone he knew and invited them to come to have a drink. He became wealthy overnight and began receiving more advertisements as a result. “Women would come up to me and say, ‘arre pati ho to aisa,’” Bundela recalls.

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