Respect People The Way You Want To Be Respected

When you respect other people, they will also reciprocate.

15 years ago, I was interviewing for roles in 2 companies.

Case 1

I was meeting a CXO of a large retail chain. The CXO made me wait for 3 hours post the time of appointment. Then he chose to interview me without an apology.

Case 2

The chairman of a large retail F&B chain was interviewing me. He figured that he was going to be delayed, and instructed his secretary to inform me that he was forced to postpone the meeting by half an hour.

He started his meeting with me with an apology and explained why he was delayed. My respect for the chairman went up immensely. The meeting went very well.

Needless to say, I joined this company.

No prizes for guessing who it was – VG Siddhartha!

‘Treat people with respect and they will respect you”

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