Pets Snacks And Human Snacking Trends


Manufacturers may establish their items as important for pet owners seeking high-quality snacks that enhance their pets’ diets and nutrition.

The snacking craze and the increasing focus on practicality in pet items are two examples of consumer behaviours that can make their way into the pet industry.

The surge in human snacking suggests a parallel trend in pet snacking. Just as consumers seek functional benefits in their snacks, they are increasingly interested in providing their pets with snacks that offer specific benefits beyond mere satiation of hunger or fun.

They seek snacks that provide a healthy boost without being solely indulgent, indicating a preference for snacks with a functional overlay.

There is a growing demand for “value-added” treats that offer additional benefits beyond basic nutrition. However, there remains a notable gap in the market, with a lack of snack products that seamlessly combine health benefits with indulgence. Although consumers support value-added snacks, many brands fail to effectively promote them or match them with current trends.

Pet treat brands can capitalise on human snacking trends by aligning their products with pet owners’ preferences and behaviours. Listed below are a few of the approaches they can take:

  • Wellness and Health

A similar trend to that of healthy, all-natural human snacking will emerge in the pet treat market. Brands can offer treats made from high-quality, nutritious ingredients such as real meat, vegetables, and fruits. Pet owners who are concerned about their pets’ health often choose products that are grain-free and do not include any artificial ingredients.

  • Functional Ingredients

Just like functional snacks for people, pet treats can include functional ingredients that have specific health advantages. Healthy joint components like glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as treats enhanced with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, are just a few examples. Brands may attract customers seeking snacks with a purpose by addressing prevalent health problems or supporting overall well-being.

  • Meal Substitutes 

In the eyes of consumers, snacks are now more than simply a guilty pleasure; they are practical meal substitutes.  This demand for functional snacks extends to both human and pet snacks, reflecting a desire for products that contribute positively to overall health and well-being.

  • Variety and Flavours

Pet owners love having choices for their animals, much like people love having a broad range of snack varieties. Different kinds of pet treats may meet the demands of pets with varying tastes, textures, and dietary restrictions by offering a wide variety of options. Jerky, biscuits, freeze-dried, and dental chews are some examples of what may be on offer, with tastes ranging from chicken and beef to fish and even unusual proteins.

  • On-the-Go Convenience

Convenient snack alternatives are much sought after due to the growing number of people leading hectic lifestyles. Brands of pet treats may cash in on this craze by creating convenient, portable packaging options that pet owners can use while taking their pets on adventures, whether it’s hiking, errand running, or travelling.

  • Personalisation and Customisation 

Even pet treats are starting to follow the trend towards customised and bespoke goods. Considerations such as pet size, age, breed, and dietary requirements can help brands provide customisation possibilities. This may take the form of subscription services, specialised treat assortments, or even do-it-yourself treat kits so pet owners can make their own unique nibbles.

To fill this need, pet treat manufacturers should follow the eating trends of humans and cater to the changing tastes of pet owners. This way, they can create treats that people look forward to feeding their pets.

With a decent selection of practical snacks and treats, Heads Up For Tails (HUFT) may be the only Indian brand to notice these trends. I do not doubt that there will be more.

Producers may solidify their products as essential for pet owners who want the best for their furry friends by making snacks that become a staple in the pet’s diet and provide something special to their overall nutrition.

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