Micro Trends in Pet Food

petfood trends

Pet food is evolving rapidly across India and the world, as pet parents have become more discerning and demanding.

Many of the same trends that have been prevalent in the pet food market over the previous few years are still widely prevalent today. Premiumization and humanization, two related movements, gained traction. Nonetheless, I anticipate the following microtrends to manifest in the pet food sector.

  • Food-Related Story Telling

Brands now need to share their narrative to connect with customers, and this is particularly true in highly sensitive areas like pet food. What the pets eat depends on the brand stories the pet parents hear.

  • The Shift to a Plant-based Diet

Given the current debate over beans and other similar components in grain-free pet meals, this one may seem ironic. Nevertheless, given how cyclical trends and circumstances are, the trend towards plant-based diets in pet food seems to be picking up momentum.

  • The Realm of Sustainability

There has been an uptick in the number of customers who want sustainable practices from businesses. Like human products, consumers will pay extra for items that use less plastic packaging or that attempt to reduce food waste using methods such as repurposed materials.

  • Redesigning the Macronutrients

In particular, the statements made about ingredients on labels seem to be the focus of this movement. Again, grains and legumes are good options for pet food.

  • Source of Ingredients

The origin of ingredients is a powerful narrative that resonates with buyers. However, this movement targets ingredients, especially unique ones, as the foundation of goods. For unconventional ingredients to enter the mainstream market, they must first gain the trust of consumers. Prebiotics & probiotics are rapidly gaining mainstream recognition, as is cannabidiol (CBD).

  • Individual Customization

More and more pet owners are turning to businesses that provide individualized diets for their canine and feline companions. Customers feel like they are crafting their menu when ordering pet food.

  • Feeding for Looks

Many new food products are so far down the cosmetics path that they are almost there. Food products marketed to pets as beneficial to their hair, skin, or overall health are increasing. This movement has great promise and will become more important as the pet industry embraces a more holistic approach.

  • Online for Education

Technology provides a basis for studying the genomes and microbiomes of pets, which are intrinsically linked to nutrition, combating pet obesity, and educating owners about nutrition and pet food.

  • Careful Buying

The modern shopper is looking for products that reflect their “more mindful approach to spending,” as well as those that are one-of-a-kind. It’s also connected to people caring more about value than price when shopping for their dogs, so that their pets may receive the greatest nutrition possible without breaking the bank. The increasing premiumization of pet food is one trend that contributes to this.

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