What 2022 Holds For Pet Care – Indian Trends

2022 for Pet Care in India will see developments centred largely on pet health and well-being.

Humans are increasingly relying on our dogs to provide emotional support and friendship. If pet parents pay it forward in 2022, the pet industry might soar to new heights.

1. The humanisation of pets continues

More and more pets are being treated like members of the human family.

Pet owners will continue to lavish their animals with luxury, such as meal delivery services, premium toys, and so on, in 2022.

Providing a happy, healthy, and satisfying life for one’s children is a top goal for the majority of parents, and pet parents are no different. They’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that their pets have the same.

2. Going green

It’s no secret that pets have a large carbon footprint, which is why more pet owners are turning to sustainable and environmentally friendly pet goods in 2022. A intent to reduce and items like sustainable pet food protein sources, packaging and cat litter should be on our radar in the near future.

3. Supplements for pets are soaring

Research predicts that the pet supplement market will reach $1 billion by 2027. Dog vitamins, fish oil, and dog probiotics are some of the most popular supplements for pets right now.

CBD, on the other hand, is rapidly gaining popularity as a pet supplement. In fact, the number of people looking for “CBD for dogs” has increased by 2,500 per cent in the last decade.

It’s understandable that many dog owners are wary of giving their pets human-grade CBD oil. Pet cannabis products are becoming increasingly popular, mirroring the surge in the use of marijuana by humans for a variety of diseases. Non-intoxicating cannabidiol, or CBD, is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant and is used to treat a variety of ailments. While THC (another cannabis cannabinoid) causes a high, CBD does not.

Cannabis has been proved in scientific studies to have a wide range of valid medical applications. Many pro-cannabis activists assumed that after the drug’s efficacy in humans, it would also be effective in animals. Many pet owners are discovering that cannabis oil provides many of the same benefits as traditional treatment, but without the negative effects, without the need for a prescription.

4. Nutritional advancements for dogs and cats

Improving the nutritional content along with quality of pet food will also be a major trend in 2022, as pet owners strive to provide their animals a diet that is both nutritious and well-balanced. In addition, many of us will look for more nutritious and environmentally friendly protein alternatives, such as fresh pet food.

5. Natural food is preferred

Prioritizing the health of a dog or cat’s diet is becoming more common among pet owners. Also looking at aspects like organic ingredients and omega-3 levels that pet owners are more likely to be concerned about.

6. More pet food niches

About three-quarters of all pet sector sales are made up of pet food. Niche pet foods are helping certain pet food manufacturers acquire market share. Pet food start-ups are also trying to get noticed by releasing whole new varieties of the product.

Freeze-dried dog food is one of the fastest-growing specialist pet food categories at the moment. Over the past five years, the number of people searching for “freeze-dried dog food” has increased by 272 percent. Freeze-dried dog food is exactly what it sounds like freeze-dried dog food. Raw food items like organ meats and vegetables are also common in freeze-dried dog food.

The packaging and shipping of pet food containing these ingredients is complicated. Therefore the emergence of freeze-dried pet foods.

Internationally freeze-dried pet food is reportedly outpacing traditional wet pet food in terms of sales.

Another pet food market that is expanding is that of raw dog food. The data on search trends reflects this development. One hundred per cent more people have been searching for “raw dog food.”

6. Investing in technology for pets

To assist pet owners in caring for their newest members of the family, a new wave of pet-friendly technologies has emerged. Technology-based solutions are expected to become more popular in 2022 than ever before, according to industry analysts. Health and safety monitoring solutions, smart collars etc are some examples.

7. Emergence of brand-new product segments

We’re seeing a lot of innovation in the R&D of pet products. Entrepreneurs aren’t only developing new versions of old things anymore.

Creating totally new product categories for pet care is what they’re doing. A good example is pet wipes.


Almost all of these trends have one thing in common: pet health and well-being.

“Pet parents” are clearly becoming more concerned about their pets’ health. For the sake of their pets’ well-being, they are willing to fork up money.

I expect the sector to expand as pet ownership continues to rise.

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