Exploring New Pet Ancillary Services

With the new trends like humanization, there have been a nymber of pet ancillary services which seen pick momentum

During the pandemic, people turned to their pets for company and playmates more than ever last year as they nested at home.

As you may be aware, pet industry trends often mirror human-centric industry trends. Pet owners are becoming more educated about pet products and services.

With the overall premiumization trends arising partly from humanization, a spate of pet care ancillary services has gained momentum.

Convenience and wellness also aided the development of such services.

Here is a list of ancillary services which have taken off in the recent past.

Pet Behaviourists 

Problem behavior in pets can be managed by these professionals. They’re experts in animal behavior and learning, as well as science-backed techniques like behavior modification. They will work with you to identify the cause of your pet’s undesirable behavior, establish a treatment plan, teach you how to implement it, and give follow-up to address any issues you may have. Like professional dog training is unregulated, the field of animal behavior is too.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile grooming provides a human client with a contactless experience in addition to front-door service. Aside from enjoying car rides and avoiding grooming shops, pets are at ease in their regular settings.

Groomers, like hairdressers for humans, make house calls and groom the dog at home or in their van.


Spas are extensions of grooming salons that have stepped up their game in terms of services.

Pet owners are more than prepared to spoil their animals. Skin treatments, facials, nail polishing, hair coloring, oral care, aromatherapy, and massage are among the ‘human’ services available, as are ‘pet-ty’ treatments for paws, snouts, tear stains, and so on.


Pet boarding is like child daycare for your pets. That most dog and cat owners who must leave their pets for more than a few days use boarding services. As a result, boarding facilities must offer sufficient care for all animals. They must ensure that every dog or cat that enters is properly fed, exercised, and petted.

Pet Hotels

Pet hotels look after animals when their owners are gone or temporarily unable to care for them. While basic services like feeding, exercise, and medicine are almost always included, the amenities and accommodations offered by pet hotels might vary greatly. Many pet hotels offer features including extended playtime, dog walking, and grooming.


Pet sitters look after clients’ pets in their homes. When people go on vacation, business trips, work long hours, or are sick or injured, they often engage pet sitters (s).

Dog Walkers

Parents are hiring dog walkers since they are short on time. Typically, a dog walker will pick up the dog from the owner’s home, take it on a walk, and provide exercise and smelling opportunities.

Pet Transportation

Need help moving your pet on the ground? You’ll need an experienced animal handler and a vehicle that will keep your pet comfortable and hydrated. You’ll also need a safe kennel for your pet.

In either scenario, a pet transporter may relieve a lot of worry. The knowledge and experience of these professional pet shippers helps the process go more smoothly. In addition, a specialist monitors and changes your pet’s travel plans as needed.

Dog Parks and Pet Swimming Pools

Doggy parks often have a high fence, separate double-gated entry and departure gates, proper drainage, benches for humans, shade on hot days and close parking. Dog parks can have a swimming pond, and a separate area for small dogs.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is required to protect these lovely animals from illness or injury and to give the best medical treatment. This is one of the newest insurance packages in India. This plan covers a sick or wounded pet’s treatment. Some pet insurance policies cover loss or death of the insured pet. This helps pet owners save money on vet bills and save their pets’ lives by providing the finest care available.

Pet Photography

Pet owners adore their pets. The pet photography business is exciting and potentially lucrative because of this love. A family portrait with the cat or an animal portrait of a beloved dog are popular requests from pet owners. One of the most difficult elements is getting a pet to look at the camera.

Cemetery for Animals

There are several types of pet cemeteries. Cat cemeteries and dog cemeteries are the most common, but other animals can be accommodated. Many individuals regard their dogs as family members, including funeral procedures, cemeteries, and headstones.

There are other services like animal reiki specialists, animal communicators too.

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