Increased Availability – Increased Distribution – Pet Care

Distribution has improved significantly in India. This has resulted in increased availability of products and range in each category.

Availability & Distribution

For many years, pet care products were available at

  1. Pet stores
  2. In a situation completely unique to India – stores in Vet clinics.

Most of the stores were apology for good retail. Very little effort was made to provide a good experience to customers.

Veterinarians were typically trying to swear the real estate on which they were on. And given the fact that they were the ‘knowledgable’ ones, pet parents relied on their advice to pick up products.

However, in the last few years, the pet care brands have improved their distribution might by selling their products through

  • Modern Trade – Supermarkets. Most super/ hyper markets stock all fast selling skus of the pet related products.
  • Kiranas/ grocery – many grocery stores in the neighborhood have started to stock pet products typically food. This is a recent phenomenon
  • Pharmacies – earlier veterinary medicines were available in very select pharmacies. The numbers of pharmacies both stocking drugs and select food and grooming products have increased
  • D2C –  The direct-to-consumer trend has reached the pet industry in a big way. Many brands are following their human product counterparts and selling products without going through a traditional multi-brand retailer. The pet care industry now generates a major source of its income from pet products offered both online and offline. E-commerce is seen as a major potential growth driver for the industry. Convenience and options to choose from a wider assortment (with recent inclusion of premium offerings as well)

E-commerce is one of the factors contributing to the deep market penetration.” E-commerce is reducing barriers for pet food brands to amplify distribution in tier II and III markets.

  • Alongside the number of pet stores have increased significantly.

While online sales have been a big driver, offline retail stills plays a very important part as even now as an estimated 95% of pet care sales are still generated offline

There has been a distinct differentiation of the pet care stores though. Heads Up for Tails has established itself as a premium chain of stores across the country. With 40+ stores they are the largest with a strong presence online too.

In each city there are smaller chains or stores who are on par with HUFT in terms of look and positioning.

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