Iconic Ads: Parle G – Subko Patha Hai Ji

The commercial established the new brand – Parle G. It also made a connection with the older generation, mothers and the kids

Parle Gluco was launched in 1939.

Other competitors in the industry began to develop their own glucose cookies in 1960. Parle Products began to feel the heat. Britannia’s glucose biscuit brand, Glucose D, was launched with Gabbar Singh’s endorsement. Most consumers would just ask for glucose cookies if they were perplexed by similar brand names.

To combat the knock-offs, the company opted to design a package that was completely unique to Parle Gluco.

In the 80s, Parle Gluco re-branded itself as Parle G. The new packaging was a yellowish wax-paper wrapper with a chubby young girl, the brand name, and the company’s red-colored emblem embossed on it. Then illustration of a little girl done by Maganlal Daiya of Everest advertising. They initiated small packs to wean consumers away from loose biscuits sold in jars.

Communicating this was a commercial (the second one actually) featuring 2 kids playing with the grandfather singing Humko, Pata Hai Ji, Aapko Pata Hai Ji…

The commercial established the new brand. It also made a connection with the older generation, mothers and the kids (the brand’s target audience).

Because of the glucose content, it was promoted on the platform ‘Swaad Bhare, Shakti Bhare’ (full of taste and energy). The commercial also reminded us that everyone knew that Parle G was the new name, basically old wine in a new bottle! It was also asking consumers to refrain from buying clones.

Parle invested heavily in television advertising (Doordarshan) as they wanted to reach out to all strata in urban and rural areas. Literacy was a big issue, and hence the commercial helped to tackle that.

Advertising helped quickly establish Parle G as the leader in the Glucose biscuit category.

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