Iconic Ads: 5 Star – Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye

A simple brief was given – a bite of 5 Star gives a wholesome experience.

5 Star was facing competition not only from similar chocolates but also from brands like Kit Kat and Cadbury’s own Diary Milk and Perk.

Not only that, Cadbury had reduced the grammage to keep away from increasing prices, but this skewed the price-value proposition. Customers felt it was less filling.

So it had to hold its own.

Cadbury asked Ogilvy in the mid-2000s to work on a simple brief – a bite of 5 Star gives a wholesome experience.

Abhijit Avasthi had known 5 Star from the time he was a kid. His father was in the Air Force, and 5 Star was part of the supplies given to pilots on long flights. The remaining chocolates would be brought back home. Abhijit used to look forward to it. He loved the tastes which came from the multiple layers in synergy to give a unique taste experience. He used to lose himself in each bite. And thus came the line ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’.

Rana Pratap Sengar and Goldie Duggal (writer & film director) have played Ramesh and Suresh ever since. They were cast by Prashant Sippy initially (who had told them to pray they will get 10 more films and now they have done over 25 films for 5 Star).

The commercials are different interpretations of the duo being lost in the taste of the bar of chocolate. The temporary amnesia, the funny storylines and a great connection with the products have made the duo, cult figures.

The first commercial in the series was the Caravan ad.

Coincidentally, none of the main characters were named Ramesh and Suresh back then. After the Caravan ad, the next ad in 2008-09 was the ‘Park-bench’ advertisement, which revolved around helping the 5 Star eaters because they are lost, and therefore vulnerable, and that’s when they were given the names.

Featured also is a personal favourite, the tailor TVC, written by Abhijit Avasthi, Sameer Sojwal & Amitabh Agnihotri and directed by Prasoon Pandey.

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