Joe Biden Did Not Have it Easy

Joe Biden had many problems and obstacles in his life. His indefatigable spirit and commitment helped him surmount it all.

When Joe was born, times were bad. Biden Sr could not find steady work.

Joe was a bad student. At the University, he was ranked 506/688.

Biden has a stutter. He reduced it by reciting poetry before a mirror.

In 1968, due to asthma he could enlist for military.

In 1972, his wife Neilia & baby Naomi were killed in an accident while shopping for Christmas. Their sons, Beau, had a broken leg & Hunter, a skull fracture.

Biden considered resigning his seat to care of them. Every day, to care of them, Biden commuted between his Delaware home & Washington – 90 mins away.

He was angry & felt God had played a horrible trick on him

In the 1980s, Biden, while trying for the presidential nomination, was accused of plagiarizing speeches by Kinnock, Kennedy & Humphrey. He also made false claims about his early life. He withdrew due to these mistakes

In 1988, Biden was operated for an aneurysm. Then he had a pulmonary embolism. After a 2nd aneurysm, he was away from the Senate for 7 months

In ‘2007, he bid for candidacy in the 2008 election. Biden withdrew, because he had Obama to reckon with.

Beau had a brain tumour. In 2015, he died due to cancer.

Hunter spent decades struggling with alcohol/drug addiction.

Then Joe Biden became President.

The secret of life is to fall 7 times and to get up 8 times -Paulo Coelho

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