Hollywood in Football

Ryan Reynolds & Rob Mcelhenny bid for a football club Wrexham not just for football but to leverage it for entertainment and profitability


Wrexham is a 156-year football club – the oldest in Wales & 3rd oldest in the world

A non league club since 2008, WAFC is ranked 14th in the 5th tier. A fan-owned club since 2011

Ryan & Rob showed interest. WAFC Supporters Trust voted 97.5% in favor of a bid

Then they held a video call with 2000+ members of the owners group to discuss their offer

– Invest $2.6 million in players & facilities

– 25-year stadium lease for $150,000/year

Since WAFC is fan-owned, R&M pay nothing upfront

The Plan

They will make a Netflix-kind docu-series that tracks their purchase & team’s journey

They even recorded the presentation of their offer!

The Math

Assume @$400,000/episode for an 8-part series

WAFC’s annual rev increases by $3.2 million

@25% margins – $800,000 profit

That makes WAFC profitable!

This will increase revenue from – Tickets, merchandise & sponsorships. Celebrity endorsement will boost sales.

With a league promotion, there’s more upside

Broadcast rights have grown. From 1992, the Premier League’s broadcast income has increased 60X to $4 billion a season

Docu-series are cheaper than live sports programs (Premier League cost $12million/game) & have a longer shelf life

& Reynolds knows celebrity power. He sold Aviation Gin for $610 million

& each WAFC member got an Aviation Gin bottle

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