Cincoro Tequila & Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan co-owns Cincoro and it is by chance he got to co create the brand.

It would take 40 mins more for Michael Jordan’s table at Pasquale Jones to be ready. Dinner was with Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss, Bucks co-owner Wes Edens & Celtics co-owners Wyc Grousbeck & Emilia Fazzalari. There was a reservation though, but for the next week!

They had only exchanged pleasantries before. In a cramped space before dinner, they talked a lot about Michael Jordan’s favourite – Tequila, which they had been drinking earlier. They concluded they wanted one with a smooth, long finish like a fine cognac or whiskey

Cincoro- a portmanteau of the Spanish for 5 & gold. 5 partners & 5 players on a basketball team

Its variants retail for $130 to $1,600 a bottle. Expensive!

The response has been good. It has been sold out in many markets. The strategy is creating a cult-like following, driven by scarcity

6-8 yr old agave is hand-selected from 2 regions in Jalisco, highlands & lowlands. It is cooked for 35 hours

Michael Jordan, Fazzalari & Edens, tasted more than 1,000 blends before choosing one. But it took time to achieve the flavor profile Jordan was after

Mark Smith of Nike helped design the bottles. He worked with artisanal glassmakers in Mexico for 3 years. The bottles have 5 sides shaped loosely like an agave leaf, with a base that tilts up at 23 degrees, echoing Jordan’s jersey number

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