2020’s Pandemic Game – Golf

If there is one game that has picked up during the pandemic has been golf. The number of people playing have increased and so have sales.

Golf can be boring to watch but great to play. In the pandemic year, people have taken to it in a big way.

In September 2020, 26% more rounds were played than in 2019.

It ticks many positives – social distancing, good physical & mental escape, good exercise, no crowds & you can play against yourself!

Clubs collaborated with the governments to make the game safer. Measures were taken such as – changing rules, new protocols, eliminating bunker rakes, leaving flagsticks in the holes, limiting players to 1/cart etc.

In June, the PGA Tour became the 1st major U.S. sports league (also UFC) to return.

The business part has been good too.

Callaway did $476M in Q3 sales, the best 3rd quarter in 38 years. Online golf apparel sales grew by 108%. Golf equipment sales grew 42% YoY.

In May, golf bag accessories were the No.1 trending retail category on Google (USA).

Travel restrictions have helped too. Since people cannot travel, they are using it to buy golf equipment. Golf push cart sales have boomed leading to a shortage as golfers switch to walking instead of riding.

Will this last? No one knows. But…

There’s new blood. The number of junior golfers has increased. In the US, as many as 500,000 came on board by the end of 2020, according to the National Golf Foundation.

However, a post-game beer is still a question mark! 

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