Being Busy Always is Bullshit….it is a Lie!

For many, being busy is a badge of honour! The commonly heard excuse given for not taking actions is “I’m too busy”.

Busy is probably the easiest excuse for not working, not prioritizing, not understanding, and a host of other reasons! Being busy is frantic shifting from one task to another, without a pause….phew! That makes me exhausted. Sorry, I don’t subscribe to this.

For many, being busy is a badge of honour! Honestly, it was a badge I wore with pride for more years. I was too busy to do the things I knew would make my life better.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing unique about my story. There are so many others. The commonly heard excuse given for not taking actions is “I’m too busy”.

We fill our lives with so many unnecessary tasks that make us busy. For some it is intentional – it is a way to give more importance to oneself, raise their standing among others but this can only result in burnout

If you plan, delegate, be efficient, cut the coffee dispenser gossip, stop checking your phone every 5 mins, keep track of social media, look at email every 10 mins….you can be less busy!

For a better life, start being selective. Selectivity or prioritizing increases productivity. Productive people live fulfilling lives. Busy people fill up their lives with distractions hence not fulfilling

Busyness is a path to be average or mediocre

Perhaps the way to avoid the busy person’s fate is to understand where busyness leads us to. Once you understand the negatives you face, you can adjust your life to avoid falling into them.

Busyness prevents the very things it tries to signal. You may be wasting your life and certainly wasting your time. Take some time, think, look ahead, and see where you are headed.

Busy people tend to be reactive rather than proactive. Effectiveness should be your goal, not busyness.

Being busy feels good for your brain. Sometimes, being busy is physiological. Apart from the psychological aspect of an ego boost, when you strike a job of your list, however unimportant it is, there is a dopamine rush.

Busyness is a drug. And the only way to get off it is to start obsessing with results.

Get a life!

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