How Nike got Micheal Jordan

How Nike signed up Micheal Jordan in spite of him wanting to go with Adidas. The deal and Air Jordan is folklore

Micheal Jordan wanted Adidas

But Adidas wasn’t making an offer

Jordan was disappointed

Jordan didn’t want Converse, but because of coach Smith, he wore them at University & met them too. They told him they had Magic, Bird, Dr. J etc.

Jordan got interested.

They offered $100,000/year, like others. Jordan’s father, wanted in.

But Converse was losing its mojo & if they gave more to Jordan, the other stars would be upset

Surprise Entry

O.J. Simpson was VP at Spot-Bilt, a shoe brand from Hyde Athletic. He predicted that Jordan would be the new star

Spot-Bilt told Jordan that he would be the most imp athlete for them & showed how they would use him. Creatives were by John Brown & Partners (Nike’s earlier agency)

Nike moves in

Nike was rapidly growing & needed him

Micheal did not want Nike. But his agent Falk insisted. He told Michael’s parents to convince him for a meeting

At Beaverton, Jordan was told they would take his inputs to design shoes, unlike others

Nike offered $500,000/year for 5 years, which was highest at the time. Adding stock options & extras, Jordan could earn $7 million in 5 years.

But Jordan went back to Adidas asking them to get near Nike, but no!

Finally, Michael Jordan chose Nike

Actually, Spot-Bilt’s deal was more than Nike’s. But Falk knew that Nike had marketing muscle

Falk created the name Air Jordan. Rest is history

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