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Tanishq remarraige

Tanishq as a brand was about design differentiation. But that made less impact in communication. So it was differentiation in the mindset.

Typically in a marriage, the elders buy jewellery for the bride. Tanishq was finding the elders the block for various reasons and one of them was the designs from Tanishq were contemporary and not appealing to them.

Tanishq as a brand was about design differentiation. But just with that, it failed to make an impact in communication. So the idea of moving it to differentiation in the mindset.

To Tanishq’s advantage, there were changes in mindsets then and many women were taking decisions themselves – from decor, rituals, clothes, guest lists etc. They wanted to appeal to this kind of woman.

Lintas’s team of Balki, Arun Iyer, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Ujjwal Kabra, Rexena Devraj, Indrasish Mukherjee & Adarsh Atal worked on the creatives

Balki had an idea many years ago. And had presented it but Tanishq felt it was too ahead of its time. Years later, Venkat the CEO of Tanishq, remembered this and decided that it was a great premise and the time was right. The script was then written to suit the current context. 

Arun Iyer had seen an unpleasant situation in his life. His cousin had passed away young leaving behind a young widow. His parents were keen that she remarry but her parents were against it due to societal pressure and a widow may bring bad luck! This was also Arun’s way of registering his irritation with mindless beliefs. 

Rajesh also recollects “The most difficult part was how to establish that this is a second marriage. Without showing some photographs of her dead husband. After a lot of brainstorming came the idea that we should have a line where the girl calls her mama. Seems simple now but at the time of writing the most amount of time went on this”

So the bold premise of remarriage was the backdrop for Tanishq’s range of wedding jewellery.

Gauri Shinde directed this film. A lot of credit has gone to Lintas and Gauri for choosing a dusky stage actress Priyanka Bose as the protagonist. This was not intentional but communicates the absence of bias on the part of the filmmakers to skin colour.

The score used was AR Rahman’s, from the movie Rockstar. Despite looking for other alternatives they found this the best. 

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