Tabs Chocolates – Aphrodisiac Chocolates built on User Generated Content


The secret ingredient to Tabs Chocolate’s success was finding up-and-coming stars and micro-influencers who shared the values of the company

Oliver Brocato and Jake Lewin co-founded the aphrodisiac chocolate business Tabs, which is known for its dark chocolate that is said to increase performance. The brand achieved remarkable success in its short history, earning $11 million (or more than INR 90 Crore+) in revenue in 18 months

At fourteen, Oliver began his entrepreneurial path, dabbling in a variety of projects such as selling fidget spinners, TikTok leggings, and even local goods online.

Nevertheless, he co-founded Tabs after deciding he wanted to build his own company and work on a personal project.

The Product

While Oliver was mindlessly perusing TikTok, the idea for Tabs suddenly came to him. An unidentified woman’s discussion about “sex chocolate” in a video that had gone viral with 8 million views and 2 million likes piqued his interest.

This discovery aroused Oliver’s attention, so he embarked on a quest to find out more about the phenomenon. He learned that there was no online presence for this enigmatic product and that it could only be purchased at local adult stores. Oliver and his colleagues embarked on a labour-intensive, year-long project.

The result of their combined efforts was Tabs Chocolate, a secret recipe made with the utmost care. Creating the chocolate mixture, honing the package design, and paying close attention to detail were all part of this process. The result was an impressive feat that established Tabs as a leading brand in the aphrodisiac industry.


Tabs contain 60% cocoa, which is between the 50% to 90% cocoa range, according to Harvard studies is the potent range. A study from 2019 found that eating dark chocolate increased libido.

The secret sauce of Tabs Chocolate is a special mix of three ingredients: maca root extract, DHEA, and Epimedium extract (horny goat weed). The total dose is 630 milligrams, with each component contributing about 210 mg. It is possible that male sexual function could be especially helped by epimedium extract, which is known as a natural aphrodisiac according to Sexual Medicine Reviews. The maca root extract has a long history of being known to increase libido, but DHEA, which is more often used to improve libido in women, might not have the same magic in men.

The formulation of Tabs Chocolate is notable for its ability to possibly enhance libido for both sexes, while the exact quantities of the ingredients are not revealed. Regardless of the answer to this question, the fact that it contains four aphrodisiac ingredients bodes well for increasing libido in the majority of people.

The formal introduction of Tabs Chocolate signalled an instant hit, proving their hard work and vision had paid off.


Tabs Chocolate for Couples recommends that you and your spouse have these delicious sweets about half an hour before you want to have sexual relations for the best benefits.


Marketing to micro-influencers, according to Oliver, is what drove his brand’s meteoric rise.

Tabs Chocolate hit a huge sales milestone in its first eighteen months of operation, hitting $11 million.

All genders may enjoy the delicious flavour and practical benefits of these chocolates, which are made with four aphrodisiac components.

Important Takeaways

  • Increasing Virality

The apex of direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing success in today’s digital world is typically considered as getting a brand’s content to go viral on social media. But for business owners like Jake and Oliver, it’s all about a well-planned strategy, not chance. They plan to upgrade to a cross-platform “content machine,” using virtual assistants to crank out a tonne of material per day. They overwhelm platforms with material so that the algorithm can choose a few items, evaluate their effectiveness, and invest more resources into the content that is performing well. They have accumulated tens of millions of views using this strategy.

  • Combating Sexually-Related Stigmas

Beyond the difficulties of competing in a crowded direct-to-consumer market, they had the enormous job of dispelling the myths and misconceptions that surround sexual enhancement goods. Instead of following the usual story that emphasises secrecy and guilt, as is typical for such items promoted by established businesses, Jake and Oliver decided to completely revamp it. They changed their advertising to emphasise how their product is fun for both parties to use jointly. They broke down any stigma linked with sexual enhancement products and made a strong visual metaphor that connects with clients by encouraging lovers to share the chocolate evenly.

  • Maximising UGC with TikTok for Virality

Jake and Oliver saw the huge potential of UGC and the TikTok platform on their path to success. A turning point in their brand’s history came when they began to leverage the genuine content of influencers and customers. This move earned them the confidence of consumers and propelled their growth.

  • Strength of UGC

Thanks to UGC, companies and customers can build trusting relationships that have a profound impact. The fact that an astounding 84% of Gen Z users say that social media content influences their purchases demonstrates the significance of UGC in modern marketing techniques. Thirdly, while looking for new items, 37% of people trust content producers more than companies; hence, UGC integration into social media campaigns is crucial.

  • Using Tik Tok

The results of Tabs Chocolate’s smart utilisation of UGC on TikTok were impressive. A single TikTok post garnered over 6.7 million views and 643k likes, resulting in approximately $50,000 in sales, thanks to partnerships with influencers like Macia Wolf. Ads that feature UGC have four times the click-through rate of regular branded content, not to mention far greater engagement and conversion rates on the web.

  • Promoting Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty and a thriving community behind Tabs Chocolate’s product were fostered by prioritising UGC and TikTok. Thanks to their strategy, the brand’s visibility increased and their audience grew, and they won over many loyal customers. The UGC engine at Tabs Chocolate made it easy for customers to talk about their experiences, which boosted loyalty to the brand and participation in online communities.

  • Developing a Community Strategically

Tabs Chocolate acknowledged the significance of community development in generating viral success. Through the use of UGC, they were able to forge a strong bond with their demographic and cultivate a dedicated following of buyers.

Data analysis provided Tabs Chocolate with in-depth consumer insights that allowed them to effectively communicate with their TikTok audience, allowing them to better understand the TikTok customer. They created genuine content by learning all they could about their consumers’ demographics, hobbies, and habits. With the help of influencers who shared their beliefs, Tabs Chocolate was able to increase interaction and sales, leading to long-term success on TikTok.

The secret ingredient to Tabs Chocolate’s success was finding up-and-coming stars and micro-influencers who shared the values of the company. They made sure UGC would resonate with their target consumers by studying producers’ audiences, content preferences, and principles. Tabs Chocolate demonstrated the game-changing potential of strategic influencer collaborations through the meticulous planning and selection of their UGC machine, which increased engagement and sales on TikTok.


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