Moov: Backing on Success


Potential, strengths, customer inputs, product development, and competitive landscape considerations drove Moov’s steady growth

Moov, a pain reliever ointment developed and marketed by Paras Pharmaceuticals, has been around since 1986.

Iodex, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline & Beecham, was the undisputed leader in the pain treatment category. Iodex had a powerful odour and an unusual purple hue. Moov, on the other hand, was a tube of white, fragrant ointment. Launched with knee pain in mind, but sales never took off since that target audience was so tiny and elderly.

A market study was done, and the findings were as follows:

  • 13% of Indian households use ‘Rubs’ or ‘Balms’ 
  • Back pain accounts for the majority of bodily aches
  • Backaches are more common in women.
  • Lower backaches might last forever.
  • Ignoring a backache in the hopes that it will go away on its own is a common mistake; however, the pain will nearly always return, and it will be much worse this time.

Switching Up

With its relaunch as an ointment for back pain, Moov was able to achieve unprecedented success. Thanks to its innovative combination of four potent ayurvedic components, it transformed into an ointment that alleviates back discomfort. Because lying down was the go-to remedy for pain, that’s where the term originated.

The team used this knowledge in one of their subsequent campaigns: “Move lagakar so” or “Apply Moov before you sleep.” This is in addition to the launch tagline, “Aa se Aha Tak” or “From Ouch to Aha.”

By using a feminine colour scheme and a modern, international packaging style (a tube with a carton), Moov changed the game for Indian women.

Sports stars Ashvin, Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu, and Gautam Gambhir were among the famous endorsers.


The decision by Moov to extend its pain management services beyond knee pain to include back pain wasn’t the result of a sudden change in strategy; rather, it was the result of a gradual but consistent development:

  • New Opportunities in the Market

Back pain is far more common than knee discomfort, which is already a major issue. Moov was able to tap into a much wider market segment and increase its development potential by focusing on back pain.

  • Building on Existing Capabilities

Moov’s ayurvedic formulation, warming feeling, and ability to relax muscles worked well when applied to back discomfort as well. Making minor adjustments to the product’s essential features while broadening its reach was a sensible decision.

  • Use and Reviews by Customers

Moov probably heard from customers who used the lotion and had success with both knee and back problems. Their marketing and communication efforts were further focused on back pain due to this spontaneous demand.

  • Product Iterations and Marketing Efforts

Moov debuted new iterations catering to back discomfort, such as “Moov Back Pain Relief.” Their messaging was changed to highlight how well the medicine alleviated other types of pain, such as backaches.

  • Competition and Public Perception of the Brand

There are a lot of formidable rivals in the back pain area, which is perhaps why Moov decided to carve out a special place for itself there. They may have stood out from the competition by showcasing their all-natural products and ayurvedic roots.

The capacity to meet the evolving demands of customers by providing a variety of formats, versions, and perks is one reason for Moov’s success.

Ad campaigns that were both consistent and imaginative helped establish a positive reputation for the business and connect with its target demographic.

Associated with well-known athletes and events that raised its profile and legitimacy.

Moov’s use of Ayurveda drew in customers who valued all-natural remedies.

Market potential, current strengths, customer input, product development, and competitive landscape considerations drove Moov’s steady growth, rather than a radical transformation.

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