The “Best Burger” and the “Best Fries” in an imPOSSIBLE menu!

impossible combo

In June 2021, with the help of the delivery service Rappi, Burger King sold its first-ever Whopper combination meal, which included a Whopper and a side of McDonald’s fries.

Incredibly, this menu has both the “best burger” and the “best fries”!

On the same menu as the “best fries” is the “best burger”?
Inconceivable, but not THAT improbable!

In 2021, an impossible menu was feasible thanks to a fantastic guerilla marketing effort at one of the world’s largest fast-food chains—Burger King!

BK took the initiative to launch the campaign in response to consumers’ requests for a BK Whopper and McDonald’s fries combo. This was due to the widespread belief among Brazilians that the BK Whopper is the best burger and McDonald’s fries are the best.

BK saw hundreds of tweets from Brazilian internet users discussing this and thought:

“Why not give in to what the customers want?”

impossible twitter

With the help of Ogilvy & Mather and food delivery service Rappi, Burger King was able to sell its first-ever unique combination meal in June 2021.

As an aside, Rappi is the most popular app in Brazil for ordering and receiving internet deliveries. By the time Burger King introduced its “The Impossible Combo” promotion, it had over 6 million users.

What happened throughout the campaign?

Simple! When a customer ordered a Whopper using the Rappi app, the delivery person will stop by a Burger King to get the burger and then go to the nearby McDonald’s to get some fries.

This wasn’t too much of an issue, however, since almost every Burger King in Brazil is within walking distance of a McDonald’s.

After that, they put them together in a paper bag and labelled it “THE IMPOSSIBLE COMBO.”

Many online reviewers raved about how satisfied they were with their orders of the special combination lunch. Some have even said that BK made the seemingly impossible possible.

whopper and fries


How Burger King managed to bundle McDonald’s french fries with its signature Whopper?

A Whopper burger, McDonald’s fries, and the Rappi app’s delivery fee amounted to the entire price of the special combination meal. If you were under the impression that BK and McDonald’s collaborated on this ad, there was none.

When customers ordered “The Impossible Combo” via Rappi, they paid in three parts: one for Burger King, one for McDonald’s and one for the delivery service.

This allowed the campaign to run smoothly, much to the satisfaction of Brazilian consumers.

Impossible response


In only 27 minutes on the first day of the promotion, all of “The Impossible Combo” meals had been purchased.
The special bundle was the “Most Sold Offer” on Rappi on the first day of the promotion.
Whopper sales at BK rose by 81% throughout the promotion.


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