Iconic Ads: Edeka – Heimkommen

Edeka - Heimkommen

This Christmas commercial tugged at the heartstrings of customers in Germany to establish an emotional connect

Edeka, a German supermarket, used this heartfelt commercial in its 2015 Christmas marketing to connect with families around the world.

In the part of a lonesome grandfather, British actor Arthur Tulloch Nightingale, goes to great lengths, even faking his own death so as to get his family to come back to where he is for Christmas dinner.

The short film, directed by Alex Feil, was shot in Prague and Bangkok. The music  ‘Dad’ was written by Supreme Music’s Florian Lakenmacher and sung by Neele Ternes. The song achieved a German music chart position of 43.

Viewers have said that the ad’s aesthetic is reminiscent of the holiday advertisements produced by John Lewis, a British retailer.

During the first weekend of Advent, Edeka’s new Christmas ad received five million Facebook views and over 1.2 million YouTube hits. 

Jung von Matt was the agency. Jens Pfau, together with Christian Möhler and Annika Burchert, were the campaign’s creative team

Also before Christmas, the commercial ran on television. Alex Feil directed the film, which Hamburg-based Tempomedia made. Carlo Jelavic was the cameraman.

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