Iconic Ads: HotShot Cameras – Khatak

Advertising was intended to make the usage of the camera look easy (the way it was) and make the user feel trendy too.

In the 80s, Photophone Industries launched a simple, uncomplicated colour camera that promoted colour over the predominant black and white. (Btw cameras could use b/w and colour rolls – most people were unaware).

Sista’s was the agency in charge of advertising. The mandate was to create a brand that was exciting, attractive, friendly and “un Indian”. The Hot Shot name was selected to make the user feel modern, smart & a hotshot!

Advertising was intended to make photography look easy and make the user feel trendy.

The target was anyone (young, old, housewives, mothers, kids etc.) who wanted to take a photograph. It was so simple to use and hence the baseline – just aim and shoot.

The fun medley TVC was created by Jean Durante and filmed by Prahlad Kakkar, who also created one of the best onomatopoeic mnemonics in Indian advertising “Khatak”. He came up with the line “Just aim and Khatak” instead of “aim and shoot”.

“I’m a Hot Shot lady, I’m a Hot Shot guy…” created excitement around the brand so much so that stock which was supposed to last for two seasons did not last one.

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