The Misnomer called Internet Privacy

Privacy on the internet is an extremely hazy subject. Hazy because it has become complicated, crazy agendas, conflicting interests, etc. 

Web sites want to know all about you, and consumers want to share as little as possible.

There are a lot of companies/ sites/ people tracking you like advertising agencies, brands, search companies, social media, e-commerce companies, and the list goes on.

Some time back a group of pharmaceutical companies – including Pfizer, Glaxo, etc – had formed an unholy alliance and they were tracking every click consumers made across their sites, then exchanging customer data. Customers were not informed about this creating a furore

The Internet itself is a paradox of sorts. It is an open research tool and never bothered about allowing privacy and offering some anonymity.

In spite of warnings to be careful while sharing data, users share data that they think are private but then the data is available publicly. There have been innumerable cases of data theft from seemingly secure sites. 

The data is not used for criminal activities alone. I could track my friend after 30 years of no contact and meet him. Needless to say, it was wonderful but the fact is that data is out in the open. Sure he asked me “How did you find me?” 

As long as it does not affect, it is fine but the moment it does, then frustration and anger sets in. Pretty much like freedom. When you have it, it is ‘ I don’t care, but the moment it is not then the negative prevails. 

Misusing data for criminal use is unpardonable. There is a lot of hue and cry on how all organizations like Google, Microsft, Tinder, Amazon, etc are collecting data. Indirectly this data is being used for retargeting, advertising, etc. 

Privacy Paradox – While users claim to be very concerned about their privacy, they nevertheless undertake very little to protect their personal data. 

Yes, nothing comes free and I assume this is the cost of giving a free service.

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