Punctuality = Respect

The truth is that unpunctuality is in a way symptomatic of reality. It is seen everywhere and has become a disease

I am ‘JUST’ delayed by 30 minutes. Will be there shortly! The host of my meeting messaged me.

I had a meeting at 10.30 am with him. I was there in his office at 10.25 am. 

Everybody’s time is important, however big or small. Sticking to time is extremely difficult especially for Indians and reeks of unprofessionalism. But more often than not, it is considered normal.

What did I do? I walked out stating that I had another meeting at 11.15 am elsewhere.

This is a bane we face. People take other people for granted and expect people to accommodate tardiness. A very cavalier approach! In fact, in certain cases, it is fashionable to be late. The saddest thing is that many times people arrive late without justification and because it has become normal, even genuine reasons for the late arrival are smirked upon.

The truth is that unpunctuality is in a way symptomatic of reality. It reflects in the government, personal life, meetings and even happenings in the workplace.  

The result is that in the end, the unpunctuality damages the development of a determinate event: some persons abandon the place; others consider it a lack of respect.

Lateness has a negative impact on personal relationships and employment. Even a single lateness can affect the course of a person’s life by leaving a negative impression on a date or during a job interview.

But, fortunately, still, there is hope. I have learned that not all are unpunctual. There are still some who follow the rules, a minority though

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