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The clear lemony drink – Citra did manage to gain market share but after the Coca-Cola takeover, the brand was discontinued

Nimbu paani, which translates to “lemon water,” has long been considered the classic beverage for households throughout India.

The straightforward lime juice prepared in homes grew in popularity and spread to public places, where it was combined with soda and eventually gave rise to the fizzy lime beverages sold in stores.

Although there was already Limca on the market, which was a hazy beverage, Parle did not produce a clear lemon drink until the early 1990s. Ramesh Chauhan, of Parle, saw that there was a large demand for a clear lemon drink and made the decision to launch Citra at that time.

Pepsi had 7Up, and the sales numbers of that product were exciting for Parle as they prepared to debut a beverage that competed with it. There was a time when 7Up was gaining more momentum than Pepsi. It is fair to claim that the taste of Citra was comparable to that of 7Up, and the bottle was the same shade of green that the 7Up bottle was.

It was designed to appeal to young people who were searching for an alternative to nimbu pani that was more sophisticated, and it was distinct from Limca in terms of both its flavour and its outward appearance.

Citra, which was marketed as an ultra-refreshing beverage, served as a welcome departure from the monotony of Limca.

Its attractive television ad jingle drove home the message that it was a cold and refreshing drink by emphasizing this one-of-a-kind marketing promise repeatedly throughout the commercial. The commercial depicts a large room filled with weary and uninterested individuals who are struggling to maintain their composure despite the oppressive heat. Suddenly, a young lady enters the room and begins to open a bottle of Citra that is green in colour.

Citra, sometimes known as Chitra because of its widespread use, was successful in carving out its segment of the market in Kerala and in many other regions of northern India.

It was acquired by Coca-Cola but ultimately discontinued so that it could focus on developing its lime-based beverage brand, Sprite.

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