Blurring the Lines between Reality and Fantasy

There is a difference between reality and fantasy or digital. It has become a mental condition to portray a perfect picture!

Anna is the Snap Queen

She has 1000s of followers.

She takes 30 selfies a day.

The average number of likes is 400.

She loves the popularity.

For the Snapchat filtered pics with dog ears, flower crowns and all that.

The slight bump in her nose that made her insecure was Facetune erased.

She was trying to be picture perfect.

She avoided meeting people because she was petrified if they saw the real imperfect her.

She asked cosmetic surgeons to remove her imperfections to get closer to her digital image!


Also called Snapchat Dysmorphia – when patients brought images of themselves, all filters corrected & wanted to look just like that. Ideal nose, enlarged lips, ideal jaw, large eyes and the list goes on.

It was blurring the line between reality & fantasy. This is a mental health condition where people become fixated on defects (real & imagined) in their appearance.

The pervasiveness of airbrushing on social media creates “unrealistic expectations of what is normal”.

No wonder, mobile editing software, filters, Insta & Snapchat are doing well.

When surveyed, over 60% of cosmetic surgeons said patients’ motivation was to look better in selfies, up from just 13% in 2016

Tweakments have increased – fillers like botox etc.

Cosmetic surgeries are burgeoning.

A sad scenario, when real looks are changed to look at dangerous ‘perfect’ ones.

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